Re: Drosera indica problems

dave evans (T442119@RUTADMIN.RUTGERS.EDU)
Mon, 08 May 95 16:40 EDT

> Hi you all Drosera specialists!
> I have successfully got my _Drosera indica_ seeds to germinate. The BIG
> question is now how to get them grow ? They have been growing with no good
> success in 60-70 % humidity, peat pot, water level in the peat level.
> Sun light and artificial light mixt. No growing. they are 3-4 mm "high".
> What is wrong? Water level? Peat? What is the natural growing habitat?
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I grew D. indica from seed outdoors. I think they like it hot
and bright. I noticed no need for extra humidity. They were growing
in sphagnum peatmoss which had some sphagnum growing in tuffs on the
surface. I didn't keep them very wet. Hope this helps.
They liked conditions the VFT likes.

Dave Evans