Re: new at this

Kristin L. Mott (
Thu, 4 May 1995 12:08:46 -0400

I just got a message from a new subscriber with a bunch of %&*$#@%$
at the end and I was just curious what it was supposed to be?

Any clues anyone? Did anyone else get a similar message?

Concerning suppliers, I am not a commercial grower, but I can help you
with just about anything you want. I don't have a price list because
I prefer to trade, so I will let you know prices for whatever you are
interested in.

I had an incredible response to previous postings, and I am going
to have all packages sent by this Monday. (It always takes longer to
put those packages together then I thought it would!)

Anyone interested in obtaining more CP can send me a quick e-mail
note and I will send a copy of my growlist.

Take care & keep on growing,

-Tom- Hayes (& Krissy)