Rick Walker - HELP!

Rick Walker (walker@cutter.hpl.hp.com)
Mon, 01 May 1995 10:58:52 -0700

Dear NKenny,

> Recently I came back from a trip and had over six hundred messages
> from your group. Would you please UNSUBSCRIBE me until such time I
> will be available more often to participate? Thanks so much.

For other people contemplating a long trip, you might want to use the
command: "SET CP MAIL POSTPONE" before you leave. This will stop all
deliveries in your absence. When you return you can use one of
the following three commands to restart your service:

SET CP MAIL ACK ; individual messages, postings are acknowledged
SET CP MAIL NOACK ; individual messages, no acknowledgment
SET CP MAIL DIGEST ; messages delivered in daily digest form

These should be sent to "listserv@opus.hpl.hp.com" - *not* to the regular
mailing list address.

> If any of the list readers know Rick's address, will you please
> forward this to him?

We have 360 subscribers - most of which know my address. Please don't
forward this message! I read every message on this list.

Best regards,

Rick Walker