RE D.peltata

Nexus User elliott (
Mon, 1 May 1995 13:24:05 +0930

>I had three of these growing in a small pot, and for
>the longest time they consisted only of small rosettes
>similar to D. spathulata. One month ago all three
>rosettes sent up the characteristic tall growth that
>D. peltata is known for. At the tops of these are
>small flower buds, but they never seem to open. I can
>see a slight bit of the reddish-purple petals, but
>nothing more.
> 1) Is this normal?
> 2) Does D. peltata self-pollinate?
>Now, the problems. One of the plants died back a week
>ago, and the others look as though they're doing the same.
>It started with the basal rosette, which turned black
>slowly until the whole thing was gone. The tall stem
>followed very quickly afterwards. That left only
>two in the pot, and now I see those rosettes starting
>to turn brown. Is the plant very sensistive to over-
>watering when it's growing? Or is this how the
>plant dies back perennially?


With my own D.peltata I had the same problem, with the
flowers failing to open. Some weeks later they died off, but
the pod had still developed, and the seed I collected from
this actually germinated.

Since the flowers didn't even open for pollination, I can
only guess that they are self pollinating.

Drosera peltata does die down in its native habitat, ( I
live in Adelaide, South Australia, and this is the natural
cycle for the plants here ) During this time in cultivation
the pot should be kept completely dry, and in a cool place,
such as under a bench in your greenhouse.

Bye For now,

Russell E