Not sure whether to get out the black armband or not...

Peter Cole (
Sat, 29 Apr 1995 01:28:18 GMT

MuadD'ib <MBT1159@ACS.TAMU.EDU> writes:

> appeared to be fine, but the crown was just rotten. I cut the thick roots
> (approx. 2-3 mm in diameter) into 3" sections and put them in cells and
> Jiffy pellets with the hope that at least a few will re-establish (someone
> please let me know if this even has a chance of working).

Ought to - I've tried rhizome cuttings with purpurea to good effect
in the past, though 2-3 mm sounds a bit thin for mature rhizome to
me - still, it's certainly worth a try. If the plant was that gungy
though, it might be worth giving a good watering with a systemic
fungicide such as Benlate to prevent further rotting.

Hope it works out,


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