quick question on keeping carn. plts alive

Mon, 24 Apr 1995 17:11:30 PST

Hello all,

As I am new at carnivorous plants and of that sort, I have many
questions, but as I grow many other plants including bulbs, cacti and
succulents, most of the answers to those questions should be the same so
I just have one question for now.
I just picked up a Drosera rotundifolia, Sarracenia purpurea,
Pinguicula vulgaris, and a venus fly trap, just for old time sakes :).
I have a book on cps that tells a good care sheet on each species so
thats not a problem. My question is that I have them out on a table
within my groups of cacti and succulents near my south facing diffused
window and when I purchased them they come in the usual little,
undersized terranium with a small hole in the top. I was wondering if I
can remove the dome and leave them out in the open and just mist-spray
them with water once a day to keep them happy with that much humidty or
must I keep them under some type of dome and if I do does t hurt the
humidty factor to put many 1/4" holes on top and sides of it? What do
you all use to help with the humidity factor besides a clear top?
Lastly, my books stress the use of rain water, which is a no no in this
area, or distilled water. Is this necessary or will water left over
night in the open to dissapate the chemicals in it be suffice. Would
boiling water in a pot for a few minutes also work?

Any advice you all wish to run my way, I would greatly appreciate it,

Thankyou for your time,

Edward Bennett