CITES and Utrics

Barry Meyers-Rice (
Fri, 21 Apr 1995 12:23:44 -0700

>Has anyone had any luck getting U. bisquamata to flower? Perhaps I've
>got mine in too small a pot--it's filled it right to the edges and
>then some, but it has never once flowered for me. I'm really curious
>to know what it looks like.


I keep three clones of this plant. Two have tiny flowers which are
interesting only to wacko Utric-extremists like myself (that sounds like
something Rush Limbaugh would say) and the third has lovely large,
colourful flowers---a clone I snagged from Gordon Snelling when I was
visiting him once. These flower readily all summer, are self-seeding,
and are in my weed-list. In contrast, I have a few other clones of
putative `U.bisquamata' which, despite several years of cultivation,
have never flowered. If you have a forgiving clone it will flower
readily, otherwise you are apparently in for a wait.

Anyone out there growing _U.volubilis_ or _U.menziesii_? I'd like to share
notes... Anyone ever try leaf cuttings with _U.menziesii_?


I look forward to this being a mature and non-flaming discussion of a
difficult, multi-faceted, and controversial issue. We will all benefit from
the reasoned and non-vindictive exchange of information I'm sure it will be.
I know we will not let our passionately held beliefs cloud our maturity.

HINT HINT to those recharging their flame-throwers.