checking back in
Wed, 19 Apr 95 19:42:55 -0700

Hi guys
I finely got my computer back from the repair shop
after THREE AND A HALF long crule weeks. They had to replace
the mother board and I upgraded the hard drive to a great
wopping 123 Meg's at the same time! I had the opportunity to
do some realy good backups before the machine went down, and
all the I.C.P.S. data has safely been restored to the new drive.
I'm having trouble merging db fields into word processor docs,
so will not be mailing any thing out yet but hope to resolve
the issue during the next week. A friend loaned me his computer
during part of the down time so I was able to get some work done
for you all but it just was not the same and it is sure nice
to have all my old headachs back. Oops I mean software.

I'd like to thank Ivo for the info. package he sent. I recived
it last week. I also would like to acknolege the package recived
President Walker today. Thankyou Both. It will all come in very

Its time to remind any one in Washington, Oregon, and British Columbia
of the PNWCPC meeting being held in Seattle on May 6 1995 at the home of
Andrew Marshall. You-all come if you can. It starts at about noon and
runs untill whenever we get tired of looking at each other or Andrew
tells us to get lost.

# I.C.P.S. C/O Kevin Snively | 206-252-2911 #
# P.O. Box 1013 | #
# Everett Wa. 98206-1013 U.S.A. | Secretary/Treasurer I.C.P.S. #