RE: habitat loss

Michael.Chamberland (23274MJC@MSU.EDU)
Sun, 16 Apr 95 22:39 EDT

> In regards to the plant smuggling issue, it is regrettable the laws cannot b
> amended regarding legal collection. Unregulated collection in the past may
> have done damage, however the real threat is habitat destruction, and

I think that the catch 22 is illegal collecting, when uncovered, works
to perpetuate or strengthen existing laws. And this may thwart genuine
programs (ie. by botanical gardens or natural parks) from thier mission
of preservation.

> Human pressure is indeed the problem. I hope that salvaging the species will
> eventually take priority over regulations.

I have the unsettling feeling that "saving the species" may be used
by some people as justification for "really, really, wanting that plant
to round out the collection". :-) Preserving an ecological species
requires a careful program to preserve the gene pool.

I feel that the species can be salvaged only if the habitat is salvaged too.
How can the plant be reintroduced if its unique habitat, pollinators, and
symbiotic associations are gone? I wonder if the love of these plants has
driven many (any) people to personally move to the country in question, and
to act locally toward preserving habitat (perhaps by buying up land...)

Michael Chamberland