Various notes

Barry Meyers-Rice (
Wed, 12 Apr 1995 21:00:30 -0700


As Rick Walker said, this smuggling incident with some people from the
Bay Area CP Society is unfortunate. Remember people, as I have said many
times in the past, we must be part of the solution and not part of the

On a happier note, Paul---I loved reading your Cuban accounts. Everytime
someone publishes these stories they get stored in my account for future
reference. Keep them coming. Oh, and Paul, if I ever visit Cuba and need
some directions towards the finest brothels, I'll ask for your advice. :)

Oh Oh, I am very pleased that a Sarracenia cross I made a few years back is
producing mature pitchers. This is a cross between a large _S.leucophylla_ and
_S.minor_, where the _S.minor_ is a plant from the Okefenokee area---a giant
variant. Over the years I selected from the seedlings the individuals with
the nicest colouration and form. I have reduced the entire batch to one
fine specimen that is very tall, richly coloured, and lovely fenestrations.
This plant is eventually slated to be a cultivar when I get around to
publishing it. Very nice.


P.S. Regarding a question to the net, _G.hispidula_ does self, at least in my
collection. Strangely, some people have told me theirs don't.