Plant smuggling

Rick Walker (
Wed, 12 Apr 1995 12:59:00 -0700

> As reported in the _Los Angeles Times_ today, April 11, 1995 (Metro),
> an Alameda county prosecutor plead guilty here to charges that he
> smuggled more than 200 endangered tropical pitcher plants from
> Indonesia and Malaysia into the United States.
> He admitted that he and two other members of the Bay Area Carnivorous
> Plant Society travelled to these nations and mailed or brought the plants
> back to the U.S., without permits.

The story *is true*. It is a very unfortunate situation. I am sorry
that the BACPS was involved in the news story.

> He and two others, including the society president, plead guilty to
> conspiring to import endangered plants, and face up to two years in
> prison.

The person mentioned above was a *past* president. The current
president is *not* involved in any way.

The persons involved are planning to speak at the next BACPS meeting to
inform members of the situation, and to discourage other collectors from
attempting to smuggle plants in the future. They are facing possible
jail terms, stiff fines, and will likely be required to perform several
hundred hours of community service time.

The next BACPS meeting has been moved one week later than the previously
published date. It will be held at Lincoln Middle School in Alameda
from 11-4 on Saturday, May 13. I will summarize the talk to the net as

Best regards,

Rick Walker