Re: A Sarracenia question

robert korfhage (
Tue, 11 Apr 95 13:01:39 EDT

Thanks, Liane, for the suggestion on the Exyra moth. I've never noticed such
activity, and now it may be too late to really check...I put my plants out the
other day, and was rewarded with 1/2" of rain -- which would have washed any
residues away.

Now, how big is the moth? And when would it appear? I had the plant
out all last summer, and everything was fine -- in fact, fine until
later in the winter. I brought it in for the winter (probably shouldn't
have done that, but the previous winter had been one of the coldest on
record). The pitchers still held water until -- oh, probably late

Well, there is new growth appearing, so unless there are larvae or something
else in the pot, that I should get rid of, the problem should go away.

Bob Korfhage