Utric conditions

Mon, 10 Apr 1995 07:41:00 -0400


>There is actually a bit of delicate nomenclature associated
>with classifying the growing habits of _Utricularia_. If
>you divided species solely into
>the categories ``terrestrial'' and ``aquatic'' you will
>have trouble. Many _Utricularia_ are ``affixed aquatics'',
>which means they grow in soil but underwater. Many poke out
>of the water (emergents).

I agree entirly Barry, how ever many of the books on CP seam
to overlook this point. Even Peter Taylor in his Monograph
classifies some Utrics as 'terrestrial' where perhaps
'affixed aquatic' would be a better description.

I grow most of my South and Western Australian Utrics as
affixed aquatics e.g. U.violacea. benthamii, tennella,
multifida etc. Other Utrics (from else where) I do treat as
'terrestrials' such as U.livida, U.pubescences and these
will also grow out of the bottom of the pots and into the
surrounding water tray.

>Many of the same comments can be made regarding
>_Pinguicula_ in the USA. Many seem to be very happy as
>emergents. Strangely, my _P.planifolia_ flowers every year
>but only produces pollen if the rosette is submerged
>and the flowers emergent. Weird weird weird.

Very weird indeed! I had heard of P.planifolia living a semi
aquatic life style in the wild - but only producing pollen
when submerged!!!! Are the seeds liberated whilst the plants
are still under water or does the habitat dry out by then? I
would love to hear more on this subject if any one has
anything else to add.