Re: What carnivores ex. Nepenthes are tropical?

Oliver T Massey CFS (
Fri, 7 Apr 1995 10:02:19 -0400

> What other carnivorous plants, except Nepenthes, might I be able to
> permanently establish outdoors here where it never hits freezing (extreme
> South Florida)?
> I can provide most reasonable microenvironments - shade/sun,
> damp/wet/immersed substrates, etc..
> Thank you.
> - Ed - (Ed Griffin Florida City, FL (305) 247-1683

Ed: Interesting question. Here in Tampa I have a fair variety growing
outdoors all year round, but have to take the Nepenthes in for a few weeks (or
more) each year. The Sarrs. do fine here as do plenty of Drosera, including
several of the hibernacula forming species. I would guess that the Sarrs.
could be acclimated, as could the SE US and Mexican Pings. Perhaps someone
else could comment on the tuberous Drosera, -- with the conditions of fairly
warm wet winters and hot summers it would seem they could be adapted too.

Tom in Fl