Re: Fungicide killed my plants?

Pekka Ala-Siuru (
Thu, 6 Apr 1995 12:50:42 +0300 (EET DST)

On Wed, 5 Apr 1995, Michael Livingston wrote:

> I have been keeping a D. capensis and D. spathulata in a small
> terrarium and have had a terrible time with a cotton-like fungus
> growing on the pots and plants. I recently applied a fungicide,
> Ortho's Daconil 2787 (Chlorothalonil (tetrachloroisoph-thalonitrile))
> mixed according to the directions and the plants look awful. They
> have produced no dew and look dull and anything but vigorous.
> Have I executed my plants? Any suggestions on reviving them?

Remove them from the terrarium!
D. capensis and D. spatulata grow quite well in open air indoors.
I never use fungicides or so... you must get somehow the air circulation

> Thanks!
> Michael Livingston
> NetCraft Software, Inc.

Haa, netcraft software.. tell me little more..

.. same as above..
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