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Wed, 05 Apr 1995 23:10:56 GMT (Rebecca Patchett) wrote:

> Hi folks.
> I've been catching threads of discussions about different ways to grow CPs
> placed in aquariums. Currently, my plants are in individual pots placed in
> the tank, with water around the pots. I chose this method as it allows me
> to use different growing media for the different types of plants and
> facilitates repotting.

And makes it easy to move plants around to find where they're happiest
with the light/heat/etc.

> But the standing water appears stagnant and has some
> algae. Is it better for the plants to fill the tank with growing media,
> skipping the pots, and planting them all in the mix?

I haven't tried it, but I can't see the water will be less stagnant -
just be less visible and harder to change...
And harder to isolate and treat any problems of disease or infestation.

> And if not, how often
> should I be completely changing the standing water and/or cleaning out the
> tank of algae? I'd appreciate any advice on tank growing from the group.

I have to confess to not always being as organized as I'd like to be -
I've got some trays that should have been swilled a couple of months
ago, but the plants show no ill effects - in fact they're bursting
into life in a most satisfying manner. Outdoors I don't change the
water, just top it up as it evaporates - it doesn't go stagnant;
indoors on windowsills the trays get a bit rancid within a couple of
months - faster under artificial lights in closed terrariums ( I do
change them at least monthly to stop mould. ) I use a horticultural
water filter and change the filter frequently to prevent salt/chlorine/
lime buildup, but the plants show no sign of disliking algae or
stagnant, scummy water.
I guess a lot of CPs are used to stagnant bog-water - it's more of
a problem for people living in the house when it starts to smell:
*then* you know it's time to change the water <g>
Of course, YMMV, but for my money poor ventilation, mould and chemical
contamination are far greater evils for most CPs.
Hope this helps,

happy growing,


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