Re: CP digest 301

Rick Walker (
Thu, 30 Mar 1995 18:56:23 -0800

Dear Ed,

> I've already browsed the CP web pages, and will join various Societies
> forthwith, but they all seem to deal in plant & seed EXCHANGES - how do I
> get started?

Look at the WEB page again. Click on "CP listserver mailing list", and
again on "the CP Listserv Archives". This will get you to Chris Frazier's
CP archive server. You should see something like:

How to Get Plants

The [CP growlist/tradelist] (text, 63K) for the ICPS was prepared by
Rick Walker and last updated November 29, 1994. It contains the
addresses of private collectors, who grows what and in what form,
organized by species.

The [Commercial Price List] (59k) has prices and availability from
commercial sources, organized by species.. Archives say last
updated 2 June, 1994, but internal date is Feb, 1995. It was also
prepared by Rick Walker.

Robert Allen's list of [CP suppliers] (9k) includes adresses for mail
order and walk-in carnivorous plant suppliers.Last updated Jan. 6,

The [CP Masterlist] (143k) combines the CP growlist, the Commercial
list, Marcel Lecoufle's CP list, Allen Swenson's CP list and the
valid CP names from Jan Schlauer's list. Last updated November 23,

You can get any of the files by clicking on the text in brackets ([]).

> Also, is there a good key for Nepenthes available online, or would some kind
> soul look at a b&w photo->.gif, plus written description, and tell me what
> I've got?

Danser's Nepenthes monograph should be on the WEB page within the next month.


Dear Jeff,

> This summer I'm beginning my undergraduate research and decided to use
> CP as my topic. My actual area of study has not been decided and I
> was considering doing an overall examinination of CP and their
> habitats. I've been placed responsible for the collection at the MSU
> Botany Greenhouses. Anyways, in preparation for this research, I need
> to find out any other possible groups doing things with these plants,
> and was hoping that some of my fellow net-server members would help me
> out. Any information would be helpful.

Take a look at the CP WEB page at:

You will find a list of all known CP societies, sellers, growers, a
taxonomic database with location data, and several hundred CP pictures.
You may also want to get back issues of CPN, and copies of the currently
available CP books. Ivo Koudela's bibliography of popular
carnivorous plant books is available on the WEB server.

Best regards,

Rick Walker