New Subscriber Asks....

Ed Griffin (
Thu, 30 Mar 1995 13:57:53 -0500

I just joined this list today. I had several years of Botany l-o-o-ng ago,
Have been a wild horticulturist forever, and have lived in zone 10 (South of
Miami) for 23 years.
When the eye of Andrew passed over me, I lost everything green (actually,
just everything....:-)), and a benevolent friend gave me a Nepenthes plant
so I'd have something green..... I hung it overhead under some shade cloth,
and it has gone wild, climbing about and producing ever-larger traps (I'll
soon fear for small birds...<g>), and, now, flowers. My reference books,
except Bailey (whose keys give me a headache), went with the Wind, so I
can't identify it. Love it, want more!

I've already browsed the CP web pages, and will join various Societies
forthwith, but they all seem to deal in plant & seed EXCHANGES - how do I
get started? All I've got is one plant, species and gender unknown. I'm not
entirely incompetant dealing with difficult forms of seed germination,
cuttings, air-layering, & etc.. Since I have never taken my one plant
indoors, it would seem that at least some species do well here without
heroic measures....

Also, is there a good key for Nepenthes available online, or would some kind
soul look at a b&w photo->.gif, plus written description, and tell me what
I've got?

Thank you!

- Ed - (Ed Griffin Florida City, FL (305) 247-1683