Re: Steamy bathrooms ctd.

Andreas Wistuba (
Wed, 29 Mar 1995 19:46:32 +0000

> > However some CP growers have begun to assert that Nepenthes
> > actually pitcher up better in slightly lower light, and that they
> > color up better in lower light. This assertion is from people who've
> > visited Nepenthes growing in nature and observing the growth habits.
> > Supposition is that the plants produce more colorful and numerous
> > traps in darker areas, since the plant has to rely more on eating bugs
> > when it can't photocsynthesize as well.
> > Robert

Unfortunately only few species like shady conditions. E.g. N.
ampullaria, N. rafflesiana (sometimes), N. mirabilis (sometimes), N.
leptochila, N. gymnamphora (and perhaps one or the other I
forgot...). The majority of species likes more light.


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