Re: Steamy bathrooms ctd.

Oliver T Massey CFS (
Wed, 29 Mar 1995 09:27:01 -0500

> >>I have a lowland Nepenthes hybrid which I put in a small north facing
> >>bathroom window due ..... No pitchers though. But I am amazed by
> >>the leaf growth considering the lack of light and the often cool
> >>-Dave B
> However some CP growers have begun to assert that Nepenthes
> actually pitcher up better in slightly lower light, and that they
> color up better in lower light. This assertion is from people who've
> visited Nepenthes growing in nature and observing the growth habits.
> Supposition is that the plants produce more colorful and numerous
> traps in darker areas, since the plant has to rely more on eating bugs
> when it can't photocsynthesize as well.
> Robert

This is an interesting comment, but I would guess that outdoors even in shade
is still brighter (at least for the plant's purposes) than indoors in a room
with a small window. Can any photographers with light meters out there
confirm this?
Tom in Fl