Re: Sick Nepenthes

Christopher Creel (
Sun, 26 Mar 1995 09:43:47 -0500 (EST)

Kenny responded to:

> > > I have a Nepenthes ventricosa at the moment, that has developed
> > > black patches on some of its leaves, and the other leaves have gone a
> > > light yellow color, and are quite limp.
> >


> Is your plant getting enough nutrients? Ie does it seem to be catching
> any insects at all?

Nepenthes have been grown in sphagnum without nurtients or feedings for
many years. I have even read of Nepenthes being grown in nothing but
silica sand. The only malady from no nutrition is a slow growing plant
with smallish pitchers.

The most likely problem is a parasite or fungus. I would suggest taking
a pair of pruning shears that you have dipped in a solution of bleach
(1 part bleach, 10 water) and cutting off all affected leaves. Next, take
the leaves to your local home and garden center and ask them how to kill
what is ailing the plant.

This is defininately not a case of malnutrition.