New VFTs from flower stalks - help?

Janice Ritter x5444 (
Fri, 24 Mar 1995 09:51:00 -0500

Well, my VFT put up a flower stalk, so before it totally formed the
flowers, this a.m. I cut it off, dipped it in rooting hormone, and
stuck it into a mostly peat/some sand mixture, with the pot sitting in
distilled water. I did put a plastic bag over it to raise the
ambient humidity somewhat, as the aquarium where the parent VFT lives
happily is full of cps. :-)

Have I done everything correctly to stack the odds in my favor
to create a new VFT? When is the optimum time to cut the flower
stalk (the parent is putting up another stalk!)? Should I keep
the plastic bag over the newly cut stalk? For how long? What new
growth will I see next (if I'm lucky)? Should I let the stalk
dry a little first before planting it?

Another comment - all my Drosera are flowering like CRAZY... interesting
thing is that a friend got some rosette-type Drosera from people on
this list, but she couldn't remember exactly what they were. She gave
me a clump to grow. Anyhow, I potted the clump she gave me...
they are now putting up different colored flowers - some pink,
some white! I studied them carefully....they all LOOK to be the same
kind of plants, but must not be, right?

Here are work I have some S. purpurea babies....a *tiny* D. capensis
somehow got in there, too, and it has put up the tiniest flower stalk
I've ever seen on any plant before. Maybe I should photograph this
next to a dime or something smaller, like a pinhead! :-)

Thanks for all your help! :-)

 Janice Ritter