Fri, 24 Mar 1995 10:05:12 +0000

Dear Everyone,

Well I've been in the CP discussion group for about a month now and I
thought I'd better introduce myself. I am at the present time studying
Botany at Aberystwyth University (though I am from Wigan, Lancs) and you may
have seen that for my 3rd year project I am looking at the relationship
between the Mexican pings, that is if I can get the DNA out. I specilize in
Sarracenias and Nepenthes with 60 & 25 respectively of forms & hybrids etc.
But my tutor has told me to diversify so I am now after Heliamphoras,
Genlisias, Arums (non cp) and any other plants or seed I can get my hands on.

All the best