Erratum: Nepenthes minutisimum

Jan Schlauer (
Fri, 24 Mar 1995 09:09:42 +0100

>(...)published by HOPKINS, MOULDER & SALMON (CPN 19:20, 1990).

Writing this yesterday, I did not have the respective CPN issue at hand.
The name "N.minutissima" does not really appear loco citato (apologies,

The text reads (l.c. on p.25, last paragraph):
"We saw another _Nepenthes_ that is diffrent than the others we saw in the
higher highland areas. It has small pitchers slightly similar to
_N.tentaculata_, _N.tobaica_ and _N.gracilis_. The pitchers are always
nicely colored with blackish lines and markings similar to _N.fusca_. There
was very little variation with this species as all mature plants had ample
rosettes on the ground and also at intervals up the stem. The stems were
slimbing up about 7 meters and had upper pitchers similar in color and
shape to the lower pitchers but with the usual differences. The male
inflorescences were about 20 centimeters, peduncle inclusive."

An illustration on p. 23 is explained:
"_N._ sp. 4New Species4 From G.Pangulubao"

I think the cited paragraph and illustration do refer to "N.minutissima"
(although this name is not mentioned). Rumours say we will read from our
Neozelandian colleagues again this summer.

Kind regards