RE: Aquatic Utrics
Fri, 24 Mar 1995 09:43:50 +0930

>I would put peat in a stocking like Terry suggested, but it's
>U. gibba I'm trying to grow, and it needs to be in contact with
>the peat or else it won't bloom.
>Maybe I should just try it again and be more careful this
>time--thanks for the advice.

How 'bout putting a layer of fine sand over the peat, this should
also keep it down and still let the U. gibba attach to the
substrate. I have U. gibba flowering profusely at the moment and
mine persist in just shallow water (5cm). While I have not put
any peat on the bottom as such, there is some sludgy peat that it
is attached to.

Just had a thought, some of those compressed peat pellets may be
the way to go.