Pinguicula Vulgaris

Michael Zenner (
Thu, 23 Mar 95 10:22 PST

Hiya all.
A friend of mine recently gave me some P. Vulgaris seed that had
been stratified all winter (4 months). I've bever grown pings from seed,
and I was wondering if anyone knew any secrets that I don't.
I've got the seeds set in a mixture of 4 parts sphagnum peat/1 part
sand in a water tray 6 inches under a 48", two tube shop light surrounded by
what paper refelectors, under a propogating dome. I also have an
incandescent light that I'm using mainly for heat. The temperature in the
dome is around 70 or so, and the photoperiod is about 15 hours.
Is there anything else I need to know? The voice of experience here
would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks to all,
-Michael Zenner
Portland, OR

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