Re: Aquatic utrics

Michael Livingston (
Thu, 23 Mar 95 11:06:09 PST

>> I'm trying to prepare an aquarium for an aquatic utric, and even with
>> waterlogged peat, I'm having a really hard time getting the water to
>> stay clear. Any suggestions?
>Aerate it, pump air into it to keep the oxygen level high. Micro-
>organims will in turn eat away algae and offer themselves as pray
>for utrics. Don't use cooked water, take water from a clean natural
>source (e.g. a lake, swamp, ...). Thus you have water which is in
>a natural balance. No ecosystem has to be built up in first place.
>Add peat to decrease the pH level is necessary. Add water lenses
>or other free floating or swimming water plants which remove ex-
>cess nutrients. You can always take away some if they are growing too
>strong. I use this method myself growing Aldrovanda at 30 degrees C
>water temperatures and full light for 10 hours/day. They like it
>and grow vigorously. The water in it is crystal clear.
>(albeit after an initial strong growth my water lenses got more mo-
>dest now and hardly multiply anymore. Perhaps lacking nutrients.)

As an aquarist I use a small bag of activated charcol to remove
yellowing organics and whatnot from the water (to the great benefit
of the organisms in the tank). I don't know what effect that would
have on your plants but I imagine they would not be disturbed. Perhaps
more knowledgable subscribers can comment ;).

Michael Livingston
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