Raising a drosera capensis and getting a nepenthes

Fat Lenny (mrbungle@ix.netcom.com)
Tue, 21 Mar 1995 17:25:12 -0800

I need advice on growing a sundews. i know NOTHING, but have

1: placed it on a humidity tray

2: planted it in a 60/40 soil/sfagnm mix

3: water it daily

4: not put it in a terrarium

The glue has left the leaves, the tips of several leaves have turned
brown, and all the dinosaurs died! Any help would be appreciated.

Second, I, the newbie that i am, am enthused and looking to expand a
little. The only mail-order catalog i have received so far is from
peter paul and marys. the nepenthes plants where a good 5x more
expensive than anything else. Is this usual? What is the premium for?
What are good mail order sources? Where did all the dinosaurs go?

Thanks for your time and help.