Live whiteworms for VFTs

Francois Mario Schmiedel (
Mon, 20 Mar 1995 10:47:53 -0500

A little while back, I wrote that I would try feeding a whiteworm to a VFT,
to see if they could be used as winter food (my plants never go completely
dormant). What I did, was to take one medium sized whiteworm and place it
in a trap. I figured that they would be good because the CO2 produced
and the movement of the worm would cause the trap to seal properly. When
the trap opened up several days later, all that was left of the worm was a
little black speck.

I don't really think that these plants really need winter food, but it was
interesting to try it out.

Anyone who would like to try this out should be warned that these worms
(used mainly for feeding tropical fish) are very rich, and should probably
not be fed in quantity because they might rot and cause problems for the trap.

Mario Schmiedel