Re: Sexual Mutilations

Davin Stewart/BSG (Davin_Stewart/
20 Mar 95 8:40:22 EDT

>You all know the problem I had with my Cephalotus (traps drying after
>transplanting) I took Terry's advice and injected water into them with a
>syringe. One of the traps looks better, but the other is still browning
>and crinkling I'm afraid. Anyway, no new growth on that. My biblis has

I have recently transplanted my _Cephalotus_ and I noticed that the root
system was very fragile. I had to take special care not to break any
roots when transplanting. One thing you might check is if you damaged
the root system when you repotted.

Of course, some people that just never repot their _Cephalotus_ and I think
that I agree with them. Love it and leave it. My plant had been in it's pot
for about 2 years before I repotted last weekend.

Oh yeah, the reason why I was repotting was to put the plant in a better
pot. I plan on entering it in the Philly Flower Show next year. When I
went to the one this year, someone had won a blue ribbon in the "Grown
indoors for foliage" division for a Cephalotus about the size of mine.
I figure I'll give it a shot.