Fri, 17 Mar 1995 02:22:30 -0500

Hello from Michigan,
Unlike the rest of you I am not growing any cp right now nor have I tried
growing them yet. I have observed many of them out in the wetlands however
and find them facinating.
We have started a wetlands nursery growing mostly emergents. Most of the
plants and MI native with MI genotypes. We are working to become 100% MI
native spp with MI genotypes. That will include cp eventually.
We find our plants walking the ditches and drains as well as exploring wet
areas around farmers fields. We have never had anyone refuse to let us
explore an area when we have explained that we are interested in preserving
these wonderful/interesting plants by collecting some of the plants and/or
seeds for growing at the nursery.
We found acres of Sarracenia at one site. They were so thick you could not
walk throught the area without walking on them no matter how hard you tried.
The owner was delighted.
Jewel Richardson
Saginaw Michigan