Re: What Nepenthes do I have?

Jan Schlauer (
Thu, 16 Mar 1995 10:02:37 +0100


> I received a Nepenthes seedling as a gift and was told that it was
>a clipatta ? X maxima. I have not been able to locate clipatta (sp?) in
>the limited texts that I have.

This is to be expectes because "N.clipatta" is a (not very beautiful)
sphalma typographicum of _N.clipeata_.

> Supposedly this plant is from the first
>cross ever of a clipatta?

I do think so, at least it is the first published one (under the nomen
nudum "N.*debbertii", without type and description). Interestingly,
WESTPHAL named also his second hybrid involving _N.clipeata_ (_N.c. *
burkei_) "N.*debbertii" two years later, which is thus a nomen nudum, nomen
illegitimum, later homonym, nomen ambiguum, and nomen confusum (have I
forgotten some attribute?).

> and should prove to be quite interesting. If
>anyone knows what this plant is please let me know.

_N.clipeata_ is most remarkable because of the orbicular, "peltate" leaf

>And if you could provide a description of the plant that would be even

I do not know the hybrid (and I suppose I would not like it if I knew it).

Kind regards