Re: Nepenthes minutae
Wed, 15 Mar 1995 20:16:47 -0500 (EST)

Hello Jan, Cliff, Matthew, Joachim and anyone else....

I am sorry to drag this onto the net again but this N. sp. Sumatra is bugging
me. I was finally able to get more information from Bruce Bednar about this
plant. He says

"N. sp. "Sumatra" was field collected in 1984 by Bruce Sutten
at 4000' on a mountain side just off Lake Toba (found large colony at this
site)...The pitchers are often referred to as looking like a cross between
tobaica and reinwardtiana. The Japanese call it 'Sumatra alata'. However,
this is in error, as the main characteristic of N. alata is having a large
glanular boss under the lid - which it does not have. The plant was never
keyed out and named due to it's common appearance - but it is a new un-named
species - closely related to N. tomoriana."

Does this sound like any named Nepenthes any of you are familiar with, I would
appreciate any help in solving this small mistery.