Re: update around the yard

Oliver T Massey CFS (
Wed, 15 Mar 1995 17:00:29 -0500

Hi all:

Well my Sarrs. seemed to have over-wintered ok even with the mild
weather. They usually do but can't help but be glad to see the new
growth. S. minor, flava, lueco. and a few of the hybrids are putting
up their first 1995 traps and most are producing their first flowers as
well. My few pings are also flowering pretty good. Other people have
told me they are flowering in the wild as well, although the information
is second hand. None of my Neps. are flowering, there are a few that
would please me to no end if they did.

I may have finally-mostly gotten rid of the scale on my Neps. by using both
Malathion (sp) and pyrethrins (sp). I was just about ready to try a blow
torch. Too early to tell for sure but I'm hoping.

On another note, I seem to recall discussion about TCing VFT's a while
back. One of our club members has a commercial wholesale nursery where
they are TCing a number of CPs including several Drosera, Sarrs, Pings,
and VFTs. He has a nice greenhouse facility and is shipping large
numbers of several pings and D. adelae, as well as the VFTs.
Interestingly, he has some varigated P. moranensis and primuliflora.
Can't tell yet if they are stress or nutrient induced or if they are
stable varietals(?) forms. The P. moranensis has very clearly defined
white stripes along the leaf margins and is a good contrast to the all
green version.

Good growing
Tom in Florida