N. cuttings

Rick Walker (walker@cutter.hpl.hp.com)
Mon, 13 Mar 1995 14:37:49 -0800

I'm forwarding this message for Mike Brozel, as it was inadvertently sent
to Carolyn Phelan (CP) of HP Bristol. For all UK subscribers, please
remember NOT to use autoreply as it ends up getting misdirected. Please
manually send your postings to "cp@opus.hpl.hp.com". I'll keep you
informed when the problem gets fixed.

Also, not to be picky, but letters like this should perhaps
be sent privately between the parties concerned. Thanks - Rick

> Dear Andreas,
> Your offer of N cuttings is too good for me to refuse. I grow a lot
> of CPs in my heated conservatory but I have not yet had a try with N.
> Can you tell me how much postage you need and I will send you a
> Eurocheque.
> Many thanks,
> Mike Brozel