Nexus User elliott (elliott@nexus.edu.au)
Mon, 13 Mar 1995 13:53:36 +1030

Last season I planted two pots with seed of Drosera auriculata. They
germinated during the Spring, quickly grew, and then died down with the
end of the season.
I checked the pots for tubers, but there doesn't appear to be any. Have I
lost Them !?

The other day I was checking my Sarras, and in one pitcher I noticed fly
maggots (YUCK!). Has anyone else noticed this in their own plants, or
have I developed a new Mutant strain of blowfly!!!!!

Is it normal for VFT's to grow from flower stem cuttings? Last season I
trimmed the flower stalks off my VFT's, but instead of throwing them
away as I usually do, I dipped one in rooting hormone, and placed it in
a seed tray. eight weeks later I was rewarded with around 6 new plants!.
When should I divide these, or will it be best to leave them to the
beginning of next season?