Re: U. menziesii -Reply

Christopher Waldrop (
Fri, 10 Mar 1995 11:49:08 -0600 (CST)

Interesting advice on U. prehensilis--I wonder if I've overwatered
mine, since I've been keeping it them in a four and 1/2 inch
container without drainage holes, occasionally raising the water
level to just above the surface (despite Slack's suggestion that it
be kept 1/4 inch above). Now, even though I'm not giving it as much
water, it seems to be unbelievably weedy, putting up new leaves all
over the pot.
My main concern is that it is not really U. prehensilis, although whatever
it is, it seems to like what I'm doing. Trying to identify a utric on
the basis of its leaves alone is like trying to tell people apart
from 10000 feet apart.
How frequently do your plants bloom, and how long do they continue to
do so? My U. pubsescens has only produced three scapes for a total of
four flowers, but each flower has remained for more than a month.