Re: U. menziesii

Christopher Waldrop (
Thu, 09 Mar 1995 12:36:22 -0600 (CST)

Sorry to have deleted your original message, but I figured someone
else with more experience was going to respond to it. This question
came up a while back, and I've kept a copy of Paul Temple's advice on
the off-chance that I ever got this plant. He's the first person in
the U.K. to have flowered U. menziesii, so he must have been doing
something right.
He suggested keeping the soil just damp when the plant died back,and
then flooding it--but keeping the leaves above water--during the
growing season. I guess during the dry season, the soil in that area
does not dry out completely, although I could be wrong.
This sounds somewhat like what I'm doing with U. prehensilis, trying
to give it damp and wet seasons that correspond to its native growth
habit in an attempt to coax it into flower. Time will tell.