Venus' flytraps closing

Douglas Wiggins (
Wed, 8 Mar 1995 01:21:00 GMT

TC:set me straight) but I've read that you should not intentionally
trigger the TC:traps on VFTs (without feeding them) because they only
close so many times TC:during their life for food. If they're triggered
enough times; they could TC:die, from what I understand. Does anyone
else have something to add,

Actually, it will not harm the trap to make it close, but if it
is closed too many times, it will no longer be able to capture an
insect with that trap (which means less fertilizer). The only thing
that happens when the trap closes is that cells grow to cause it to
open again, and there is a limit to how much they can grow. In an
experiment, it was found that a VFT can close a trap anywhere from
once to twelve times before it stops closing. There has never been
a mention, in my recollection, of a trap dying from closing too
many times (but from closing on something it could not readily
digest, yes).

-Douglas Wiggins, Portland, Oregon

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