VFT value ?

Tue, 7 Mar 1995 23:08:46 -0500

I am normally a mushroom grower (serious hobby-haven't given up my day job))
but last winter for fun and for something green to look at I tried my hand at
VFT tissue culture. After getting the proper conditions from several
references I was able to get fairly good multiplication and by summers end
basically had expanded my leaf culture to several sixpacks (potentially
unlimited but I was just doing this for pure fun) of nice looking VFTs. I
convinced myself of the power of plant tissue culture propagation and felt I
could expand things fairly easily especially in the down times of gourmet
mushroom culture (summer months when the natural crops come in). My question
is whether there is a relatively easy market for these cute little critters
or is it horrendously difficult to find buyers? I would prefer just to ship
them off rather than pounding on local nursery doors. Sorry for this
elementary question but I get a sense from the popularity of the CP digest
that many folks are interested in these fascinating plants (unlike our
struggling FUNGUS digest!) Thanks Mike Ziegler mzieg1234@aol.com