Longevity of Nepenthes seeds & VFT

Andrew Flostrand (flostran@sfu.ca)
Tue, 7 Mar 1995 14:25:24 -0700

Fellow enthusiasts,

I've been given some seeds which are claimed to be from _N. Rokko_ and _N.
Maxima_. Apperantly they were taken from the plants 6 months ago and have
been stored in an envelope in a drawer until now. Is there any chance that
these are still viable? If they are, then when would be the best time of
year to try to germinate them if I don't have a lamp? I live in B.C.
Canada so our climate and seasonal light is comperable with Seatte. (or
sothern England for that matter)

Also, I've been put to the task of recovering a very ill Venus Fly Trap.
It is potted in live sphagnum and is suffering from a blight of tiny white
aphids. (tiny white dots that can be rubbed off is all I can call them for
sure) They cause the leaves to grow very small, deformed and quickly brown
at the tips. It is sitting in a window with my other VFT plants all of
which are very healthy and right now in full bloom. This window is blessed
with a practial infestation of ladybugs which have offered both food and
protection for my other plants but are doing nothing with this poor

Is there something I should put on this plant? Should I remove it, wash it
and repot it in new moss? Is it a write off that should be pulled from the
window for the protection of my other plants? Maybe if I put the pot,
moss, plant and all into the dishwasher for a cycle it would come out
healty and clean? :)

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