Tue, 7 Mar 1995 08:19:00 -0500


Jeff asked Re Mexican Pings - dormancy/ growth/ watering.

Dormancy - many Mexicans are not truly dormant during the
winter period and the succulent rosettes grow through out
the winter period. Indeed many flower from this ( P.laueana,
P.moranensis alba ) as a result I do not grow these total
dry through this period. Some people I know who have seen
these in the wild believe that many obtain water from night
time mists during this period. I think it's wise to keep
winter temperatures above 10 degrees C however. Those plants
that I keep totally dry are those that form underground
'onions' such as P. macrophylla, acuminata and heterophylla
( and some of the moranensis group).

Growth - this normally starts when the plant is good and
ready and depends on species. Increase the amount of
watering as new spring/summer leaves start to form.

Victor - what butterworts are you growing in your terrarium?
Dormancy depends on which species you are growing, though
shouldn,t happen before the Autumn. Let me know the species
and I may be able to be a bit more specific.