RE: Tuberous Drosera
Tue, 07 Mar 1995 10:36:34 +0930


>And for the tuberous Drosera experts: How deep are your tuberous
>Drosera pots? I've been growing D. peltata in a 12 cm deep pot, but is
>this too shallow for other species?

The depth that the tuber prefers to reside depends on the species. I
believe that D.gigantea has its tuber more than 1 metre underground!
Remember, the tubers need to be protected from up to 6 months of summer,
which is very hot and very dry. Even though the tubers are near the
bottom they still should be O.K. I repot mine each year and move them
up to about half the depth of the pot so that by the end of the season
the new tuber will be produced further down near the bottom of the pot.
For the species with deep tubers, some growers have suggested using bits
of PVC pipe, which of course can be cut to any length.