Re:hello and VFT

Mon, 6 Mar 95 16:10:44

In a message of 5 Mar 1995 Paige Write:

>Hello. I just heard about this group and I'm hoping someone can help me help
>our Venus Flytrap.

>My son received a little Venus Flytrap in a box for his birthday two years
>ago. For about 18 months "Venus" as we call it, grew and grew and ate and
>ate. Then it flowered and now it grows new leaves but the traps never
>develop. They stay very small and then turn black and fall off.

>Can anyone tell us what to do? We love Venus and this is very depressing.
>Especially because we don't have a clue as to what is going on.

>Thank you very much,
>Paige and family

Hello Paige, I think problem of your VFT is caused from blooming,
because this very tire plant. Most people suggest to cut flower bud
when this appear. Last year i have obtained flower one from very old
plant e one from 3-4 years old plant and i have had same problem, young
plant is very tired, old plant grow well I suggest cut flower bud
because flower it is not very atractive and for obtain seed from VFT you
must have 2 plants, besides grow vft from seed is very slow. I grow my
VFT in a plastic pot with 50% peat + 50% of perlite, in a sun location,
from April to October i grow these in a tray of water, during winter i
put bulb on refrigerator for about 3 months Dic/Gen/Feb at midle of
Febbruary i get out bulb from refrigerator and repot this in a new
peat/perlite mix. Winter dormancy it is very important. I hope this
helping you. (sorry for my English)

Bye Federico