Banana slug?

Douglas Wiggins (
Sun, 5 Mar 1995 21:28:00 GMT

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Trisha Coene

TC:glimpse of something slimey. It was worm-like; I could only see a small
TC:part of it, but it looked to be bi-colored, black and yellow. The
TC:coloring wasn't sharp because the thing was almost transparent. Obviousl
TC:not hoping) to uncover it. Well, I didn't. Could this be the fungus gnat

No, the fungus gnat larvae are white, tiny and there are many of
them. It sounds like you have a slug, possibly brought in from one
of your houseplants that you set outside. The slugs around here can
be six inches (8cm) long and over a half-inch (12mm) in diameter.
A banana slug is yellow with dark spots (and ours are almost as big
as bananas, too). If not a slug, I don't know, but try putting a
few pieces of slug bait or a line of "Deadline" in the area.

Have you noticed any edges taken off of any leaves? Or maybe entire
leaves disappearing? Or have you noticed any shiny trails? That
would be from a slug.

Good luck.

-Douglas Wiggins, Portland, Oregon

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