Forwarded mail re: Drosera, Ping DNA

Rick Walker (
Fri, 03 Mar 1995 12:07:55 -0800

I'm forwarding this message as it accidently ended up with Carolyn
Phelan (CP) in Hewlett-Packard, Bristol England.

Another reminder for the UK folks: Please do no auto-reply to CP
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> Hello
> Can anyone help? I need information on extracting DNA from Droseras and
> Pinguiculas for my 3rd year Botany project, I would be grateful for and
> information.
> David L Roberts
> University of Wales, Aberystwyth.

... and to David: I've got a paper kicking around at home that gives
the protocol for Pinguicula. It's basically a soak in several reagants,
a stain, a squeeze between microscope slides, and a look with a 1000x
optical microscope. I'll try to dig it up and bring it in.

Also note that many species have chromosome information in the CP database
(courtesy Jan Schlauer). You might want to focus on species that have not
yet had their chromosome counts already determined.

I'm assuming that "extracting DNA" means counting chromosomes? - are
you after a test-tube of DNA jelly?

Rick Walker