Hi! And a question ...

Walter Hafner (hafner@forwiss.tu-muenchen.de)
Tue, 28 Feb 95 16:46:50 +0100


I just want to introduce myself. I discovered this list only yesterday
and subscribed immediately. :-)

I'm a C.S. Ph.D. student and (who'd thought of it?) grow CP in my spare
time. I consider myself still a beginner: I only grow 12 different
species. But I like to share informations, opinions, experiences etc.

And here's my first question (sorry for my bad english):

I put most of my plants in my cellar over the winter, as it is
recommended in literature. The coldest temperature was about 4
deg. Celsius, but mostly it had 8-10 deg. Unfortunately I have only very
small cellar windows so it was rather dark most of the time and now my
pinguiculas look rather pale and unhealthy. A few of my p. moranensis
even rotted away. Fortunately most pinguicula can easily be mutiplied by
leaves ...

However this year I kept a few of my plants (pinguicula moranensis,
drosera spathulata, dionaea) on my window over the winter. I just wanted
to test how they survive winter in very dry air and short days without
much light. I still can't believe the result: My dionaea is flowering
(blossoming?) right now! It has 3 inflorescences! My drosera is
flowering too and the pinguiculas look green and healthy. All in the dry
air just above the heating. I planted the plants deep in the pot (I
generally let 2 cm space between soil and pot edge: I think that gives a
better microclimate for the plants) and I kept the soil wet (ca. 2 cm
rainwater in the saucer, the pots are about 10 cm in diameter; 1 cm
water for my dionaea).

Now I ask myself whether I should take all of my plants inside and place
them over the heating the next winter ;-) Seriously: Has anyone
experiences in overwintering CP in small apratments? How should I
overwinter my plants given the dark cellar and the dry and warm air by
my window? I also have 5 species of sarracenia which I kept in my cellar
this winter.

And another question: I have seeds of d. capensis, d. spathulata and
dionaea from last year. When is the right time to plant them? I already
wanted to plant them last weekend but then I didn't have the time. Is it
still too early? Over here in Germany the days are still quite short and
the day temperatures outside are ~4 deg. Celsius (<0 at night). I won't
be able to put the plants outside till the mid of April.

Thanks in advance,