Clarke Brunt (
Sun, 26 Feb 1995 17:34:08 +0000

> Like I mentioned I only have two Drosera which
> for the time being are quite small. However, the D. spathulata had
> suddenly taken ill. It looked wonderful up to a few days ago,
> practically dripping dew. Then one morning I came in and all the
> dew was gone and the filaments on the leaves are kind of curled
> down. I have been keeping loosely placed plastic bags over the
> pots to help keep the humidity up, so I wonder if it has been
> starving for CO2. Incidentally, the D. capensis which has been
> kept similarly is doing great.

I think you'ld find it impossible to exclude enough CO2 from a plant
to cause this sort of effect. Your plant must have some other
trouble. This sort of collapse in any plant implies that it isn't
taking up water, which usually implies that the roots have rotted or
been eaten by something. I'm assuming that the plant wan't fried
under its plastic bag, given that the other plant is OK.
Drosera shouldn't need plastic bags, unless in a very low humidity

Clarke Brunt (