Vigorized seed

Fri, 24 Feb 1995 20:00:04 -0600 (CST)

Well, we've used vigorized seed priming for peppers, tomatoes, and several
other seeds like that. The new expiration dates on these seeds is more
likely on the order of a couple of months before the germination rates start
to fall off, so it's not like if you don't plant them in a week that they'll's more like 3 months before they'll die. This all depends on the
species, though. Tomato seeds are much larger than _Drosera_ seeds. The
amount of carbohydrates stores may be a factor, or anything else for that
mater. We get different results with different species. I can go through
my lab notes over the weekend and put the salts and concentrations we use on
the list Monday and also give some of our lab results (this is a Plant
Propogation lab). I don't have a great deal of access to my e-mail account
onthe weekend. I guess a good guinea pig for this type experiment on CPs
would be on VFT. Lots of seeds, germinates reasonably quickly, cheap,
available. I have some old VFT seeds that could probably be used to test
the results on old seeds (it's supposed to help with them as well). If this
works out well, it'd be a definite plus in germinating some of these more
difficult CPs. All in all, I'll get back to you on this one. Anything I
missed or any other questions, always welcome.

Matt in Aggieland