RE: novel way to feed Drosera

Michael Livingston (
Thu, 23 Feb 95 08:47:15 PST

>Just out of curiosity, where was it you were calling from? Although
>Nashville hardly puts me in the "parka-wearing zone", we do get
>chilly enough temps to induce natural dormancy in the plants that
>need it. The ones I bring inside, on the other hand, seem to do
>pretty well with the little they get. A fair amount of insects move
>inside for the winter around here, along with mice, squirrels, etc...
>The only exception is my P. moranensis. It caught one small gnat
>sometime around Thanksgiving, and nothing else. It's done fine.

I am in Connecticut. Like I said I have some gnats in my office which I
disable and then place on the plants leaves, but there are not always
many bugs around. This is my first experience with CPs so I don't
really know what is _right_.

Michael Livingston
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